We Stand Behind All of Our Weddings

December 17th 2022 | We provided catering, bar and floral for Gina & Lee at The Arlo. 

On Christmas Eve 2022 a negative review claimed the flowers at the wedding were dead. Then a week later another review claimed the food was bad.  

Eight months later the negative reviews continue for this wedding. We are now up to 30+ 1-Star reviews.

We stand behind ALL of our weddings! And that includes this 1-Star Wedding. Look at the photos and videos and you decide.

UPDATE August 2023  | This 1-Star Wedding is great for business. Brides tell us they hope their wedding will be as good as this 1-Star Wedding. We are SOLD OUT for Fall 2023. Spring 2024 is booking fast and we even have Fall 2024 bookings. Thanks for all the LOVE!

UPDATE May 2024  | It appears that as we get 5 Star Reviews, random 1 Star Reviews with no information pop up. We can only assume these pertain to this event.